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MEDAV - Your Partner for Navy

With 30 years of experience in the field of radio monitoring, we are the perfect partner for your needs in the following scenarios:

CESM/COMINT systems – Systems for the detection, tracking and identification of emitters

Early piracy detection – Fast analysis and detection of a piracy threat – „when minutes count“

 We deliver products for these items for your ships and submarines.



Intercept systems

 Direction finding systems


MEDAV systems developed for civil applications can also be used in shipborne scenarios
(ARS-8000, TRS-8000)




CRS-8100 ESM

CESM/COMINT systems detect and classify signals in their surrounding. These systems can be installed on surface vessels and also on submarines (active on the surface). The task of CESM/COMINT systems are

  • Detection of emitters
  • Direction finding for the relevant emitters
  • Tracking of the emitters on a polar display or on a geographic map.
  • Further analysis of the emission (decoding and demodulation) in order to obtain additional information.
  • Storage and data fusion of the gathered and processed information

Early Piracy Detection

CRS-8100 Piracy Detection

A new and threatening fact is the inreased presence of pirates. In this scenario, minutes count in order to properly react to this threat.

We assume that pirates communicate with mobile/satellite phones or radio transceivers (walkie-talkie) among each other in the final phase of their action.

Using appropriate systems, this communication can be detected and the direction of the communication source can be determined using an automated system.

This system generates a warning as soon as a given threat is detected (i.e. radio signals around the own vessel, maybe in a certain direction), the crew of the vessel can react to the threat maybe some minutes before the pirate boats appear in visual sight.

This advantage of minutes can save lives!

Such a system can be installed on ships and boats or mounted for special applications within hours.

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With the CRS-8100 system MEDAV has developed a system for submarines, which satisfies very high and relevant requirements of system technology.

No further realization is known, which, comparable to CRS-8100, incorporates a complete and compact solution for antennas and signal recording including direction finding in the HF- and VUHF-ranges, automatic and interactive analysis, demodulation, decoding, etc. including support for the tactical guiding and at the same time satisfies the high environmental requirements for submarines.

CRS-8100 - CESM/COMINT system for submarine missions

CRS-8000 - Compact Reconnaissance System 

Intercept Systems

In the field of radio monitoring both in the HF and VUHF range we deliver a set of products.

Among others there are:


ARS-8000 - Automatic Reconnaissance and Production System

TRS-8000 - Telecommunication Reconnaissance System

Direction Finding Systems

Also for direction finding we have a choice of algorithm and software available for both HF and VUHF signals.



Our products will be realized according to your special needs (e.g. environmental conditions, size of the system, e.g. RF bandwidth ...) in projects.

Our software is scalable in size and data throughput, it will be configured according to your needs. Hardware will be chosen according to your environmental conditions.

We provide user training in order to make your operators quickly enjoy our system.



With the company AEROMARITIME Systembau GmbH we have arranged a strategic partnership for the development and sales of COMINT systems for the navy market world wide.

SAAB in South Africa is our partner for the development of COMINT/COMMS ESM solutions for maritime applications. Especially the CRS-8000 submarine antenna system was developed in a joint project.